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LOVE is the solution to all misery!

Are you often tired? Do you think you can do more than what you are doing now? Do you wonder why you are on Earth? Do you want to improve your life and have more energy, more purpose, more fun, more connection and most of all: more LOVE? Welcome to the LIVE LOVE program.

Alexandra Augustijn wants to encourage and support YOU to build a LIFE that makes you really HAPPY and HEALTHY. Why? Alexandra: “10 years ago I felt very unhappy and unhealthy. Doctors even said I had become chronically ill. I thought my life was over…

On my father’s deathbed I woke up. I realized that LIFE can pass without doing what makes you truly HAPPY and meaningful. I read hundreds of books, spoke with experts and participated in HEALTH and HAPPINESS therapies, workshops, events. All meant to find out how I could become HAPPIER and HEALTHIER. The answer: LOVE!”

The more you LOVE yourself, the more you care about your HEALTH and HAPPINESS. You do what FEELS GOOD physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. That is what YOU need to build a LIFE you LOVE. Do you need support and inspiration with this? Welcome to the LIVE LOVE program.

Lotus flowers make their way through the mud to the light and symbolize what LIVE LOVE is about.

LOVE conquers all
Whatever happens to you, LOVE conquers all. When you are seriously ill, LOVE – for yourself and (from) others – gives a reason to fight for LIFE. When you hate your job, LOVE tells you to either put more LOVE in it or go do something you LOVE. When you are not treated well, LOVE cares and motivates you to stand up for yourself. When you really LOVE yourself, you do what is RIGHT and FEELS GOOD for your body, mind, heart and soul. You don’t want to hurt anything and anyone, including yourself. YOU CARE!

When you start doing what you really LOVE from your heart, you soon feel better physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. It makes you flourish (again). That is not only my experience, it has been scientifically proven and recommended by many psychologists worldwide.

LOVE solution to all misery
If we all LOVED ourselves, there would be no war, hatred, greed, envy. The world wouldn’t be so polluted either. We would all CARE for ourselves, others and the environment! The reality is that many people worldwide – including me before – have lost LOVE for themselves. They live out of fear of not being or having enough. That makes them unnecessarily dissatisfied, tired, depressed, burned out or even seriously ill or violent.

Because of all these influences, many people no longer know and do what they truly LOVE. They are lived by greed and expectations of others, not by what makes them so HAPPY. I woke up on my father’s deathbed, I hope you wake up now and start building a LIFE you LOVE. You can start right away.

Why not doing what we LOVE?
We were all born with LOVE inside. You, me, even the biggest criminal was born with LOVE. Throughout our LIFE we are all positively and negatively influenced by each other, marketing, media, events and our thoughts.

Choose LOVE
You can’t change others. You can only change your thoughts on and inspire others to think differently. What you think influences how you feel and how you react. You become what you think.

When you change your thoughts LOVINGly, your feelings and actions become LOVING too. Cause and effect Think about what you LOVE, and give yourself to it with all your heart. It makes you feel better and a better person and the world more beautiful.

Be the regeneration
To regenerate literally means to renew what is broken. We have all been harmed by our past. One more than the other. You can let your traumas and frustrations rule your thoughts… and LIFE. You can also choose to let them go and choose for HAPPINESS. It doesn’t mean that you have to forget what happened. Focus your mind on what you have learned from it.

Letting negative thoughts go creates space to positive thinking such as what makes me happy. HAPPY thoughts lead to HAPPY feelings and HAPPY actions. I – and many others – have felt reborn after this insight. What will the world look like if we all do what we LOVE…

I LOVE sharing and have summarized my knowledge and experiences – and that of others with great insights – into a book (The Happiness Economy) and LIVE LOVE program. The goal is self-regeneration. I FEEL REBORN and full of ENERGY, JOY and MEANING. I’d like to give you that too. I look forward to hearing and meeting you soon.

Loving regards,

Alexandra Augustijn
Well-being architect

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What people say about the LIVE LOVE PROGRAM

“My life revolved around money and greed. At first I thought that made me happy. Later I became more and more stressed. I wanted more and more and was never really satisfied. So it was with relationships. In the beginning it was fun and exciting. Later I became more and more annoyed because he was not perfect in my eyes. The LIVE LOVE program has opened these eyes. What an eye-opener to simply focus on what makes me happy and healthy. I have also become much more interested in the happiness and health of others. I met several new people with whom I feel deeply connected. Very valuable. I have become a better person and more meaningful to others. I feel like I’v got wings and everything I really want has come within reach. I don’t have to pretend to be happy. I am happy and feel great. LIVE LOVE inspires and connects!” Lotte