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Why do you do what you do? How excited are YOU about your life? What motivates you from your heart? How much ENERGY and JOY do you FEEL? Do YOU want to FEEL BETTER? In FEELS GOOD Workshops YOU IMPROVE your PHYSICAL, MENTAL, SOCIAL and SPIRITUAL WELL-BEING through an INTEGRATED APPROACH.

I am Alexandra Augustijn. I was born in The Netherlands and I currently live in Thailand with my husband. A few years ago I thought my life was over. I felt very unhealthy, unhappy and meaningless. On my father’s deathbed I realized that the quality of my life is in my own hands. I became deeply motivated to explore how I could FEEL BETTER.

Cause and effect
I came to realize that everything and everyone is connected. Eating healthier – for instance – will not only improve your physical condition. You immerse yourself in healthy eating, come into contact with people with the same interest and THINK more deeply about the consequences of what you eat. This gives you a wider field of view and awareness of cause and effect. Cause and effect do not only apply to food, but of course to every area. If you KNOW what is better, you WANT to DO things better and the consequences are better too. Common sense and Buddhist wisdom from 2000 years go.

Now I FEEL REBORN and full of ENERGY and JOY. I’d like to give you that too. That’s why I have written a book and currently give FEELS GOOD Workshops individually and in groups. More about me

Alexandra Augustijn, founder Sympassion

I have discovered that FEELING GOOD is about what gives YOU ENERGY and JOY physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. What you know, think, do and want is all interconnected. How well do you know yourself? What motivates you INNERLY? What are your PASSIONS? PASSION is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something or someone. If YOU ARE INNERLY MOTIVATED you WANT to KNOW more and DO things more that FEELS GOOD. You get excited and are moving forward.

“I’ve tried everything for years to feel better. This finally happened when I start FEELS GOOD workshops with Alexandra. She gave me the insights that everything that I know, think, want and do is connected and that I should listen better to my deeper voice. What do I really want? I have become more aware of my inner motivation. That has really helped me to do more that makes me happy and energized. I have become a much nicer, healthier and happier person. I am very grateful to Alexandra.”


In FEELS GOOD workshops YOU will discover what improves your well-being integrally (physically, mentally, socially and spiritually). You learn, feel and practice what gives you ENERGY and drives YOU from PASSION. You think about what you WANT in life (mission) and what you need to follow your heart. You become aware that everything and everyone is connected. You learn about the principle of cause and effect. If you THINK and DO the right things, the effects are usually right too. The better you FEEL the CONNECTION with yourself, others and the world around you, the more PASSION you feel. The result? You become the real YOU (again) who thinks and acts from PASSION. YOU GROW and FLOURISH every day!

If your thought, relationship, job, or other activity, way, or place doesn’t energize you, consider making other choices. Whatever your situation is, you always have a choice. Even if you are chronically ill, you have the choice to focus on what and who gives you energy and a GOOD FEELING.

Years ago I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. According to the doctors there was little that could be done and I had to learn to live with it. When I started taking Feel Good workshops, I noticed that I got more and more energy. I’ve learned to focus on what makes me happy. The workshops have given me the strength to make different, energizing choices.

In FEELS GOOD workshops you will be working with the Golden Circle of Happiness. It contains everything you can get ENERGY and JOY from.

A lack of PASSION almost always causes stress, depression, fatigue and even sickness. Why suffer? Stop or reduce what doesn’t give you energy. In FEELS GOOD workshops YOU will get to understand yourself better and become (again) the real YOU who works and lives from PASSION.

There is much more to get out of life. Life is beautiful. I speak from experience.

Inspired by Buddha

My mission is to inspire and support people to find their PASSION and develop their potential in a healthy and sustainable way to increase their well-being and that of others.

The more we live with PASSION, the better the world gets. I have written a book about my knowledge, insights and experiences of FEELING BETTER (De Gelukseconomie/The Happiness Economy). I also give FEELS GOOD workshops and presentations in order to inspire as many people as possible to start living more from PASSION. Today is the first day of the rest of your life…

Know, think & do the GOOD, the GOOD comes to YOU!

Inspired by Boeddha

I am also inspired by Buddhism. Buddhist have known for over 2000 years that all suffering has a cause. If you know, think or do the wrong things, the consequences are usually bad too. If you do the opposite and know, think and do the GOOD, the consequences are usually GOOD as well. The whole wisdom of Buddha summed up is the eightfold path. This path consists of 8 factors that increase your well-being.

Inspired by Buddha

Buddhists say YOU have to know the truth, do what is right and need mental discipline. I believe that PASSION is the key to all of this. Without passion you are not motivated to DO and THINK the RIGHT things. Feel the difference between anyone – a waiter in a restaurant for instance – with passion and one without. The one with passion really makes the difference. Right? That’s why I called my company SYMPASSION. Doing GOOD is SYMPAthetic. Doing good with PASSION makes a real DIFFERENCE for yourself and others! PASSION gives anyone a lot of energy, (self) confidence and relief. PASSION inspires.

FEELING SUSTAINABLY GOOD is about knowing (wisdom), thinking (discipline) and doing (morality) the RIGHT things with PASSION.

Why are so many people suffering? It almost always has to do with a lack of KNOWLEDGE, MORALITY, DISCIPLINE and… PASSION. They are not aware of these lacks and often want a GOOD FEELING QUICKLY.

Eating and drinking certain things, smoking, taking drugs, longing for likes on social media, getting nice pictures of yourself, money, compliments, sex, gifts, gaming, having parties, vacations, etc. All this can give you a GOOD FEELING right away.

The GOOD FEELING doesn’t last long. This can also be addictive. You need the things over and over and more and more to FEEL GOOD. Short-term pleasure can lead to (long-term) problems. Unhealthy and greedy behavior causes stress and unhappiness and even lifestyle diseases.

Does money make happy?
Did you know that as upcoming economies like Thailand get richer, the number of lifestyle diseases – such as depression, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer – also increases? In Thailand it has doubled in the last 10 years. Money is often used to buy and do short term GOOD FEELING things
as mentioned above. Money is nice to have. Don’t let money guide you too much. It doesn’t make you HAPPY sustainably.

In FEELS GOOD workshops you become more aware of the effects of your knowledge, thoughts and actions in the short and the long term. YOU learn through what and by whom you FEEL GOOD. You find your PASSION and think about what you want in life. Do you want to leave everything as it is? Or do you want to make a difference?

What’s your MISSION in life? Lot’s of people have never thought about their personal mission. So don’t worry if you find this a difficult question. Living with a mission makes life easier. A mission gives you clarity and direction. That makes it easier to make the RIGHT CHOICES. A mission has everything to do with your PASSION. What gets you excited? When you combine PASSION with GOOD thinking and doing, you give meaning and a lasting GOOD FEELING to yourself and others. With PASSION you really can make a difference.

Are you ready to work on a life with more PASSION? Welcome to one of my FEELS GOOD Workshops. Phone, line, what’s app (+66) 096 265 3501 (Thailand) or (+31) 064 621 8162 (Holland) or mail info@sympassion.com for questions, personal advice and bookings FEELS GOOD workshops. The workshops are given online and in my house in Na Jomtien in Thailand (max. 5 people).

We are all harmed by what we and others have thought and have (not) done. There can be a lot of damage in yourself and in your relationships. There is certainly a lot of damage in our environment. What is damaged can usually be regenerated. Be the regeneration. Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Let’s make it a good one!

I look forward to seeing you at a FEELS GOOD workshop. Mail, app or call me for the possibilities.

Love to hearing from you!

Warm regards,

Alexandra Augustijn
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