What is RIGHT?

You are a human being with a soul, a mind, a heart and a body. What you know, think, feel and do affects you — and often others— spiritually, mentally, socially and physically. Buddha said: “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

Cause and effect
Everything that is good for your body, mind, heart and soul, is RIGHT. If you have good thoughts, you become a good person. If you feel LOVE, you attract LOVE. If you imagine a beautiful life, you create a beautiful life.

Eightfold Path
Buddha developed the Eightfold Path based on RIGHT thinking, feeling and doing. I have developed the Golden Circle of Happiness. In this circle you put all your positive thoughts, feelings and actions. The more you know what you LOVE, the more you apply what is RIGHT.

Knowledge only becomes wisdom when you apply it.

The truth about money

Can you imagine what you would do with a million euros? Ironically money is often the reason why people don’t increase their health and happiness. Our financial condition gets – in general – better, but our physical, mental, social and spiritual condition worsens. Many people today – maybe you too – suffer. They feel hurt, lonely, energy-less, dissatisfied, stressed, depressed and even sick. Why?

Greed is why people act NOT RIGHT
It seems that the richer we get, the more greed we develop. Many people today are not easily satisfied. They constantly want more, better, bigger. That’s why our environment is polluted, there’s great income inequality, people have jobs and relationships they don’t really love, but the money is good, people take advantage of others and suffer because they never feel it is enough, LOVE flies away…

Do you want to live in fear or in love?
People with greed live in constant fear. Afraid of not getting enough. Afraid of losing what they have. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). How afraid are you of this? Is what you desire, really what you deeply LOVE, VALUE and NEED? Are you satisfied or are you in pain? When you feel pain, you often feel it everywhere: in your heart, head, body and deep inside (soul). Pain is often related to dissatisfaction. You can be dissatisfied with yourself, your relationships, your work, your environment, what you (don’t) have, etcetera. You feel sorry for yourself and/or blame others.

You always have a choice
If you change your mind and choose to learn from what happened and do what feels better, see what happens. Pain gives way to LOVE. It makes you lighter and life easier. You will feel better mentally, physically and spiritually. And the good thing: it doesn’t cost any money. It only cost you effort to understand what is RIGHT and discipline to do what is RIGHT.

Your work is to find out what you LOVE and with all your heart give yourself to it. You will soon feel the LOVE and ENERGY flowing. When you think positively, you become positive and attract others. Positivity is inspiring and empowering. When you feel positive, you act with LOVE. Others feel your LOVE and become loving too. It’s all connected.

Imagine what you can create with LOVE!