Eightfold path with passion

Buddhist have known for over 2000 years that all suffering has a cause. If you know, think or do the wrong things, the consequences are usually bad too. If you do the opposite and know, think and do the GOOD, the consequences are usually GOOD as well. The whole wisdom of Buddha summed up is the eightfold path. This path consists of 8 factors that increase your well-being.

Buddhists say YOU have to know the truth, do what is right and need mental discipline. I believe that PASSION is the key to all of this. Without passion you are not motivated to DO and THINK the RIGHT things. Feel the difference between anyone – a waiter in a restaurant for instance – with passion and one without. The one with passion really makes the difference. Right?

That’s why I called my company SYMPASSION. Doing GOOD is SYMPAthetic. Doing good with PASSION makes a real DIFFERENCE for yourself and others! PASSION gives anyone a lot of energy, (self) confidence and relief. PASSION inspires.