FEELS GOOD Workshops

In FEELS GOOD workshops YOU will discover what improves your well-being integrally (physically, mentally, socially and spiritually). YOU learn, feel and practice what gives you ENERGY and drives YOU from PASSION. You think about what you WANT in life (mission) and what you need to follow your heart.

You also become aware that everything and everyone is connected and YOUR physical, mental, social and spiritual conditions strengthen or weaken each other. You learn about the principle of cause and effect. If you THINK and DO the right things, the effects are usually right too.

The better you FEEL the CONNECTION with YOUR BODY, HEART, MIND, others and the world around you, the more PASSION you feel. The result? You become the real YOU who works and lives from PASSION and GROW and FLOURISH every day!

YOU will learn about the effects of your current knowledge, thoughts and actions in the short and long term. YOU will get to understand yourself better and gain insights into what gives you energy. Tools like the Golden Circle of Happiness are offered to you. The Golden Circle of Happiness contains everything you can get energy from.

Lifelong learning
Keeping FEELING GOOD is a lifelong learning process. We are all human and have our ups and downs. The challenge is not get stuck in down periods too long. Life is too beautiful and you are worth FEELING GOOD. That is why it is important that we keep each other awake, give feedback, reflect and learn from our experiences. Life comes with trial and error.

What FEELS GOOD and what is GOOD for YOU? That is a Golden Combination. Why? We often go for a GOOD FEELING in the short term without realizing the long-term effects. For example, alcohol can FEEL GOOD in the short term, in the long run it turns out not to be GOOD for you. This is proven by a lot of (scientific) research. It is also known to most of us deep down.

Deep down
We often know deep down that things, activities, places or relationships are not good for us. We then listen too little to our deep FEELINGS. We are often too focused on short-term pleasure, greed, and/or convenience.

Deep down, your PASSION is being developed. PASSION is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something or someone. How much PASSION do you feel for your partner, family and friends, the activities you do, the ways you use, the places you are? PASSION gives energy and motivation to go for something or someone. If you don’t feel PASSION sustainably, there is a good chance that you will become depressed, fatigued or even seriously ill. In FEELS GOOD workshops YOU will find your PASSIONS.

I’m not saying you can’t do anything anymore that turns out to be unhealthy. We are all human beings and have our weak moments. Nobody does everything 100% right. Improving well-being involves trial and error and takes a lot of practice. In FEELS GOOD workshops you will be given ideas and tools for this. One of the tools is the Golden Circle of Happiness.

It is all interconnected. The more YOU FEEL deep love – PASSION – for yourself, others, the things YOU do, the ways you use and the places where you are, the better YOU FEEL and the more GOOD comes to YOU.

Be YOU and do GOOD… the GOOD comes to YOU!

That is ancient Buddhist Wisdom and my faith.

A few years ago I thought my life was over. Through trial and error I feel reborn now. I love to share my experiences and all what I have learnt about improving health, happiness and meaning. I hope you dare to share your concerns, weaknesses and frustrations. We all have them. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. It shows your humanity. Vulnerability is a strength to grow and develop yourself further. I am convinced that sharing is an important key to a better life. Who dares to share, multiplies happiness.

FEELS GOOD workshops are a personal investment in a better – healthier, and happier – life. A life that consists of more PASSION and joy, being more meaningful and FEELING more connected with yourself and the world around you.

I believe in a personal and integrated approach. Everything and everyone is connected. The Golden Circle of Happiness is the central tool used in the workshops. During the intake I make an inventory of your personal needs and questions. The program will be adjusted based on this. Subjects in every workshop are:
Why do you do WHAT you do?
What and who gives YOU ENERGY?
What choices CAN and do you WANT to make?
What is your next step?

You may be wondering what FEELS GOOD workshops will cost. Simple… what FEELS GOOD for YOU. Money should not be the problem to attend FEELS GOOD workshops. Your motivation is what matters most. My PASSION is to inspire people about a healthy and happy lifestyle. If you don’t have any money left, you’re still welcome. For all the others: how much is a healthier, happier and more meaningful life worth to you?