LIVE LOVE Workbook

The LIVE LOVE program aims to regenerate yourself by thinking and doing what makes you healthy and happy again. The program:

inspires and supports you to LIVE LOVE and build a happy, healthy life.

In the program you increase LOVE for yourself, make choices based on LOVE and start applying what you LOVE and VALUE. If you want to LIVE a lasting happier and healthier life, you have to LIVE what you LOVE and VALUE for ever. LIVE LOVE is a lifestyle based on what is GOOD for your body, mind, heart and soul. Would you like that? Let’s get started.

Learn from the past
LIVE LOVE is based on 2500 years of wisdom and personal experiences of myself and many others who have suffered intensely in the past and now LIVE LOVE (nearly) every day. In the LIVE LOVE program you learn from your own experiences and you will find out what you deeply LOVE (= PASSION), VALUE and NEED. LIVE it by taking the RIGHT ACTIONS and build a life you LOVE.

The LIVE LOVE program is visualized in the circle above. KNOW, THINK, FEEL and DO what you LOVE, VALUE and NEED is the key to a great – happy and healthy – life! A life that makes you flourish…

LIVE LOVE Workshops
You can participate in LIVE LOVE workshops online, live in Thailand at my house or at any other place you facilitate. LIVE LOVE is universal and knows no boundaries. At the workshops we follow the LIVE LOVE workbook (150 pages). There is also a trainingsprogram (train the trainer) for people who want to give LIVE LOVE workshops themselves. Do you want to know more or sign in, let’s discuss what is convenient for you. Contact me on +66 (0)962 65 3501 (line, app, phone), +31 (0)646 21 81 61 ormail

LIVE LOVE Workbook
I have developed a 150 page playfyul LIVE LOVE workbook with insights (based on 2,500 years of wisdom), inspiration, exercises and fun games to map your thoughts, feelings, goals and actions.

What can you expect?

Increasing LOVE for yourself
If you want to increase love, you must first know how happy and healthy you are now. This is where we start; measuring your happiness and health now. Later we measure these again. That way you know if the LIVE LOVE program works for you. To increase LOVE for yourself, you need to know what you LOVE, including what you LOVE about yourself. You will find out soon after you start the program.

Making choices based on LOVE
The best choices are these that are made from LOVE. If you LOVE yourself, you care about yourself and others. We exist of a body, a mind, a heart and a soul. Good choices contribute to a better mental, social, physical and spiritual health. You will find out what happiness and health truly mean and what is important to you. You will learn that there are 5 areasthe golden circle of happiness – that can make you happy. These areas are related to the Eightfold Path, buddhism wissdom.

Applying what you LOVE and VALUE
If you want to suffer less, you have to do things that are physically, mentally, socially and spiritually good for you. Not only right now, always. LIVE LOVE is a lifestyle. In the LIVE LOVE program you will discover what is good for you and then with all your heart give yourself to it. You will be given tools to help you integrate LIVE LOVE into everything you do.

LIVE LOVE Workbook
The LIVE LOVE program is explained in the LIVE LOVE workbook (150 pages). You will find down to earth knowledge, insights, inspiration, tools (like Golden Circle of Happiness) and exercises all meant to gain insights into what gives you energy, joy and meaning. You can immediately get started independently with the workbook. There is an English and a Dutch version. At the moment you can only order by sending an e-mail to with your address details.

LIVE LOVE Workshops
You can also follow LIVE LOVE workshops online or live. I currently live in Thailand. the land of smiles. You are very welcome to visit me. I give workshops at home. I am also willing to travel to you. LIVE LOVE knows no boundaries. Send an email to with your wishes and needs.

“I’ve tried everything for years to feel better. Nothing helped for very long. Alexandra has given me the insight that I can better adjust my lifestyle. In her workshops it became increasingly clear to me what gives me energy and joy. I have now turned my biggest hobby into my job. I feel like I’ve got wings and everything I really want has come within reach. I wake up every day with a big smile. I LOVE every day. Alexandra really changed my life forever. I am very grateful to her.” Lena

LIVE LOVE is a lifestyle
LOVING is not something you do and feel every now and then. True LOVE is deeply rooted in you. Real LOVE never ends. You feel it constantly, it is PASSION. If you don’t LIVE it, you feel pain or even worse: you get sick. If you LIVE LOVE you grow and feel deeply connected to others and the world. You contribute positively, feel meaningful and flourish more and more. You build a happy & healthy life. Imagine what happens when you stop doing what you LOVE. Your life goes down again. Therefore make LIVE LOVE a lifestyle and share your insights with others. Sharing is multiplying happiness.

Sharing is multiplying happiness
Sharing is mulitplying happiness. Therefore you are encouraged to join LIVE LOVE workshops and share your experiences, ask for help and help others and have above all fun together. A day without fun, is a day wasted.

It’s all connected
In the LIVE LOVE program you become aware that everything and everyone is connected and YOUR physical, mental, social and spiritual conditions strengthen or weaken each other. You learn about the principle of cause and effect. If you THINK the RIGHT things, your feelings, behavior and the effects are usually RIGHT too. If you don’t think RIGHT, your feelings, behavior and the effects are usually NOT RIGHT either. Buddhism wisdom.

From the LIVE LOVE Workbook

Laugh, dance, move, jump, tell your stories, draw, express yourself as you wish and experience the power of vulnerability. At LIVE LOVE workshops you discover your world – that which you LOVE, VALUE and NEED – and appropriate ACTIONS from the heart that will make you flourish.

Health & happiness
Happiness and health can’t be separated from each other. You can’t feel happy if you feel bad. The great thing is that in addition to a body, we have a mind, a heart and a soul. I know people who can barely do anything physically. Their powerful mind, heart full of LOVE and inspiring soul make them of great significance.

By being yourself, you will start to flourish. At LIVE workshops at

What is a happy and healthy life worth to you?
Giving LIVE LOVE workshops enriches my life. The great thing is that I believe it enriches the lives of others as well. The reactions of the participants are in any case heartwarming: “I have never shared so much personal in a group.”, “I lost myself and have gained a lot of confidence again.”, “I learned more in one day than in all the sessions I’ve had with my therapist.” ,”Alexandra’s personal story encouraged me to share my fears and doubts as well.” “You don’t have to pretend to be better, showing your vulnerability is actually a strength.”, “Wow… I learned so much about myself.”, “I now understand what drives me. ”, “I found it very inspiring and also fun.”, ” I received practical tips to improve my health right away.”

I am not driven by money. I am driven by your smile.

Everyone should live love
I find that everyone should LIVE LOVE. Therefore I want everyone to have the opportunity to follow LIVE LOVE workshops. Money should not be a reason not to participate. Your motivation is what matters most. My PASSION is to inspire and support you to LIVE LOVE and build a healthy and happy life. If you don’t have money, you’re still welcome. For all the others: how much is a healthier, happier and more meaningful life worth to you? Call, email or app me for the possibilities if you want or help others to fly again.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Loving regards,

Alexandra Augustijn
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