This is me… flying again

I am Alexandra Augustijn. I was born in The Netherlands. Currently I live in Na Jomtien in Thailand with my husband. I have a hospitality, marketing and management background and 56 years of life experience. I have noticed that many people don’t act from LOVE and with PASSION.

A few years ago I felt little PASSION myself too. It made me sick. Chronically ill even according to the doctors. At first I felt like my life was over. On my father’s deathbed I woke up. My father looked deep into my eyes and said: “I haven’t followed my heart enough, I hope you do. You are worth it!” I felt deep down that my life wasn’t over yet and that there was a better life ahead of me.

I became very motivated to find out how life can be better. How can I feel more LOVE for myself, others and what I do? It became my mission in life. LIVE LOVE. I read hundreds of books, spoke to experts and attended workshops and therapies. I learned that FEELING GOOD has everything to do with your inner drive and values. What drives you deep inside and what do you find important.

Deep down I had known for years that I wasn’t myself and didn’t do the right things. I listened too little to my heart and gut feeling. The consequences? I had all kinds of physical complaints and overweight, was addicted to alcohol and looked bad.

I realized that I really needed to change my life. I took a large piece of paper and wrote down everything and everyone that made me happy and that didn’t. This was the input for the Golden Circle of Happiness that I later developed.

I have summarized all my insights in a book – The Happiness Economy (De Gelukseconomie/ISBN 9789402189957). If we all do what is right for us and others, a happiness economy will emerge. Who doesn’t want that?

Currently I give LIVE LOVE Workshops and publish to share all my insights and tools because I believe that everyone – no matter your situation – can have a better life. If you don’t FEEL well sustainably, I hope to inspire you how you can FEEL BETTER from now on. You are more than welcome to call, app or line (+66 096 265 3501), mail info@sympassion.com or stop by in Na Jomtien.

The more PASSION you feel, the more SYMPATHY – sense of belonging – you arouse in yourself, others and your environment. That’s why I named my company SYMPASSION and that’s what I hope for you: live with passion and sympathy. LIVE LOVE 💗

I’m not a psychologist. I call myself a well-being architect. Someone who develops ideas and offers support for integrally building well-being. By using my common sense, following my intuition and learning from (scientific) research and experiences of myself and others my well-being – and that of many others – grows every day.

Currently I live in Na Jomtien near Pattaya. I believe in sharing is multiplying happiness. That’s why I set up a website www.bestofpattaya.info about all the GOOD in Greater Pattaya. Would you like to share all your GOOD experiences as well? I am looking forward to your call, app or line (+66 096 265 3501) or mail info@sympassion.com